Corporate Responsibility Overview 2016

What will a better tomorrow look like?

A healthier society. Resilient communities. Stimulating workplaces where people can fulfil their potential. A thriving natural environment.

Given the breadth of our reach, we have the opportunity to enhance the quality of life of everyone we serve.

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Our focus areas

We influence the eating habits of 50 million people worldwide, making nutrition, health and wellbeing important priorities. In the UK we worked with WWF to serve 20,000 Green & Lean meals in 2015 as part of a sustainable meals pilot.

Nutrition, health and wellbeing

Supporting our local communities is essential – they provide us with talent, customers and suppliers. We’re investing $1bn globally over three years to support diverse, inclusive local businesses through our involvement in the Clinton Global Initiative.

Local communities

As a services business, our 34,000 people are key to our success. Through our employee diversity networks we’re fostering an open and inclusive culture for all.

As an employer

We’re focused on making services less resource intensive, helping clients protect the environment and reduce their expenditure. Through the pilot of our smart meter monitoring system, LeanPath, we now know that we can reduce food waste by up to 50% with the help of this tracking technology.