Corporate Responsibility overview 2018

Better Tomorrow 2025 provides us with goals and ambitious commitments intrinsically linked to our corporate strategy. It will help us to fulfil client expectations as well as engage our employees, consumers and other stakeholders. Achieving these commitments will also allow us to meet increasing regulatory and legislative requirements that continue to be implemented around the world.

Global Commitments

A rich and resourceful planet is indispensable for quality of life in the long term. In everything we do, we aspire to build a harmonious relationship between individuals, communities and the environment in which we live. We are committed to leaving a healthier planet.

Which is why we want to reach 100 million beneficiaries with our Stop Hunger activities, and we want all our countries to collaborate on initiatives that improve the quality of life of women, and partner to deliver on the UN food waste goal.

Uk & Ireland targets and performance

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Our Uk & Ireland progress highlights

Stop Hunger is a worldwide Sodexo initiative active in more than 40 countries. Through Stop Hunger, we donate time, skills and money to tackle hunger, support good nutrition and promote life skills in local communities. As a result of this collaborative effort we raised over £450,000 in FY2017 for charities in the UK & Ireland. Beneficiaries included SSAFA, FareShare and Focus Ireland. Globally, we distributed about 5.7 million meals and collected USD 4.6 million to support the actions of 875 local NGOs.
We are working with the Fairtrade Foundation to help improve the food security and empowerment of women, Fairtrade coffee producers' and their families in Peru. This growers fund was designed in partnership with the Fairtrade Foundation and CLAC, Fairtrade's network of producers in Central and Latin America, in order to incorporate a range of approaches that address the most relevant issues and support for the cooperative members. This includes technical training to improve coffee quality, installation of solar dryers, small animal farming and creation of kitchen gardens.
Our WasteWatch powered by LeanPath is a food waste prevention programme focused on tracking food waste, monitoring performance and taking actions to drive reduction, and communicating success. It captures daily food waste data and measures pre-consumer and post-consumer waste which informs ordering decisions and portion sizes. WasteWatch objectives are to value food as an important resource, reduce food waste and improve profitability at sites.