Corporate Responsibility overview 2017

Each of the Better Tomorrow 2025 commitments is owned by a global team responsible for that area of work, whether that is procurement, HR or Health, Safety and the Environment. To manage and drive progress for the UK & Ireland we are setting up a Better Tomorrow 2025 Steering Group to help create coherence and ownership drawing together subject matter experts from across the business.


Fulfilling social interactions within communities contribute to progress and quality of life. This is why Sodexo contributes to the development of local communities. Among our different stakeholders, we strive to create positive and rewarding interactions with mutual benefits. We are committed to fostering business practices that are fair, inclusive and sustainable.

Which is why we want to offer healthy lifestyle options to 100% of our consumers every day, why €10 billion of our business value will benefit SMEs, and why we are aiming for 34% reduction of our carbon emissions.

Uk & Ireland targets and performance

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Our WasteWatch powered by LeanPath is a food waste prevention programme focused on tracking food waste, monitoring performance and taking actions to drive reduction, and communicating success. It captures daily food waste data and measures pre-consumer and post-consumer waste which informs ordering decisions and portion sizes. WasteWatch objectives are to value food as an important resource, reduce food waste and improve profitability at sites.
Sodexo is proud to be a company that shares the same principles as those set out in the Modern Slavery Act of 2015. We believe in the elimination of all forms of compulsory labour, and ensuring slavery and human trafficking does not take place in any part of our business or supply chain. We are showing our commitment to the cause through a range of actions consistent with our position as a world leader in its respect for human rights both within our business, supply chain and beyond.
As a company serving 1 million meals every day in the UK and Ireland, we pay much attention to the traceability of the products we source and serve. For us sustainability is a given and we understand the importance of building long-term sustainable relationships with our suppliers. We aim for continuous improvement – all our suppliers need to sign our Code of Conduct and through working closely with them we are able to trace the products all the way back to the source.
With great coffee comes great responsibility. Our coffee has to be ethically sourced, which is why we are partnering with the likes of Fairtrade or RainForest Alliance to name but a few. We also have arrangements with companies where they have worked with communities for years and support the values of fair price, working conditions and at the same time give back to the communities.