Corporate Responsibility overview 2017

At Sodexo, we consider quality of life to be a key factor in individual and collective performance. We are convinced that an organisation performs better when it operates in a more human way, promoting both the professional and personal fulfilment of its employees. We think people, given the right environment and tools, are a powerful driving force capable of transforming today’s challenges into a multitude of opportunities.


Our Better Tomorrow 2025 commitments articulate our vision to be a company  that truly enhances quality of life, evidenced in our internal targets to reach an 80% engagement rate, gender balance within our management teams and a culture of environmental responsibility.

Our new targets are stretching and run along the same timetable as our  corporate strategy Ambition 2025, making them truly part and parcel of our 2025 vision for the company.

Uk & Ireland targets and performance

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Our Uk & Ireland progress highlights

Gender balance is vital to the success of our business and our research suggests that gender balanced management groups (with 40-60% women) perform better in the workplace than those management groups that do not fit this balance range. These results reinforce Sodexo’s long standing conviction that gender balance is a key driver of business performance – one that affects all parts of the business from growth and profit to engagement and retention.
Health and Safety is an integral part of Sodexo’s mission to improve quality of life and is our global strategic priority. Sodexo is committed to a global health and safety culture and world class health and safety performance. We know that integrating health and safety into everything we do minimizes risk to people and property. We want to be the employer of choice and want our current and potential employees to clearly see that their safety is something we care about and take seriously.
In 2016 we achieved Investors in People silver status across our entire UK and Ireland business, scoring particularly well in areas of leading and inspiring people, living the organisation’s values and behaviours, and building capability. IIP said good leadership and people management is consistent across Sodexo, and a ‘willingness to invest in the growth and development of its people remains a strikingly positive feature of the organisation.
The engagement of our employees - a concept that expresses both satisfaction and involvement - is a key performance indicator. We know that engaged employees are better able to meet expectations and deliver the best service to consumers. Our employee engagement survey helps us identify and act upon opportunities for progress, informing our diversity and inclusion policies.