Local communities

Everywhere we operate, we rely on local communities for talent, customers and suppliers.

What we’re focusing on:

Tackling hunger and malnutrition

Through the Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation, we’ve given grants to over 30 charities, and through these grants supported hundreds more. With our help, charities feed vulnerable people and help others to learn about food preparation, nutrition and cooking.

£456,660 raised in the UK and Ireland for Stop Hunger, compared to £441,746 in 2014.

Supporting local community development

We operate on over 1,850 sites in the UK and Ireland, impacting the lives of people on a daily basis through our business operations. Through our supply chain we spend over £500m on goods and services and work with 300 suppliers.

17 small and medium-sized enterprises accepted onto our Supply Chain Inclusion Programme.

Increasing the purchase of responsibly sourced products

Our supply chain code of conduct sets out our expectations on social and environmental practice; since it was published in 2008, 100% of our core suppliers have signed up to it.

More than 16,000 tonnes of Fairtrade coffee, sustainable fruit and vegetables, and ethically sourced seafood ordered in 2015.

See our progress against targets (PDF 50KB)

Spotlight on

Developing a diverse supply chain

We’re focused on giving a hand up to small and medium-sized businesses in our local communities.

Making this happen takes both investment and tangible action. That’s why we’ve launched a global commitment to engage SMEs in our supply chain. Our Supply Chain Inclusion Programme is a UK and Ireland initiative that will provide mentoring, workshops and helpful introductions to potential suppliers in our communities.

Since July 2015, we’ve accepted 17 businesses in the UK and Ireland onto the programme. After showcasing their products to key Sodexo decision makers, six enterprises have officially joined our supply chain. We’re finalising plans to include a number of others, to cultivate a supply chain that reflects our core values.

This programme is truly fantastic in terms of garnering a better understanding of Sodexo’s business model, company ethos and supply expectations and requirements. We are delighted to be involved – and hope that it will result in a bright future together.

Laura O’Sullivan, sales and marketing director at Good4U, a small, family-run seed mix company that joined our supply chain in January 2016