Sustainable equipment

Our approach

Sustainable equipmentWe work with our suppliers to monitor the sustainability performance of products and equipment, and have introduced a careful selection process to ensure that we only use products that have strong environmental attributes.

Leading the way in sustainable cleaning methods

In January 2013, we became the first facilities management company in the UK to promote cleaning chemicals that are either EU Ecolabel Flower or Nordic Swan certified. The EU Ecolabel Flower is found on products that have a reduced environmental impact throughout their life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials through to production, use and disposal. Around 98% of the cleaning products we buy are concentrated, meaning they use less packaging and avoid the bulk transportation of water.

We have also worked with a number of partners to introduce eight state-of-the-art scrubber dryer machines. Each machine has Ecoflex technology that reduces the consumption of chemicals, water and energy by up to 60% while maintaining cleaning performance. One of the devices, a floor cleaning machine, reduces water consumption by up to 70% and does not require any other chemicals.

Sourcing efficient cleaning equipment

Sodexo employee using fluid dispenser

We source high-quality cleaning products and equipment that require the least amount of water or chemicals. These include:

  • microfibre cleaning cloths and mops, which are launderable, reusable and can remove dirt without chemicals or water
  • flat mops, which are launderable, reusable and require very little water
  • diamond pads, which contain microscopic diamond chips that clean floors thoroughly without any need for chemicals
  • electrolysed water, which cleans thoroughly without the need for chemicals – we use this water in a range of cleaning machines and it is suitable for floors and carpets
  • Rapid mops, where the cleaning chemicals are stored in the handle of the mop rather than in a separate bucket, thereby reducing physical strain for cleaning professionals; the mops only require a small amount of cleaning solution, helping the floor surface dry more quickly

Cutting-edge mowers

Mulching mower diagram

Our Horticultural Services team trialled the use of mulching mowers in its operations. These machines have advanced technology to chop the grass extremely finely and conceal it through air pressure in the base of the turf.

This technique helps provide the grass and its micro-organisms such as insects and worms, with natural and rich nutrients like nitrogen, potash and phosphate, thereby replacing the need for artificial fertiliser. The machines take away the need to transport the grass to green recycling centres, thus reducing emissions. This cutting-edge equipment also dramatically reduces noise pollution compared to regular lawn mowers.